Routine charts for children with unorganised parents!

Some parents are routine supremes and have everything neatly planned and scheduled.

Some parents get their children to bed on time (at the exact same time) EVERY night.

Some parents manage to get their children to nap in their cots/beds at the same time everyday and actually get a few minutes reliable peace everyday (must be nice eh!?).

Some parents are always at the front of the queue at the school gate for drop off in the morning.


As you can probably tell by the tone of those statements, I am not one of those parents. 

While routine is really important for all children and my girls do have a routine, I fail in comparison to many other parents when it comes to scheduling things like naps, meals and bedtime.  Mornings quickly turn into a last minute (no matter what time we get up) rush of “ where is your school jumper!?” “you were fully dressed two minutes ago, why are you suddenly totally starkers!?”

But while I may not be the routine queen, I wanted my girls to understand their routine and what was expected of them.  I wanted our bedtime routine to be clearer for them to understand so they knew exactly what was coming next.  In the past their bath time had moved around, so sometimes they had a bath then went back into watch bedtime cbeebies, but other days they went straight into their bedroom after their bath.

So a few months ago I created some routine charts for my eldest and I have got to say they have really helped.

I wanted an interactive chart for them to use themselves and understand, but I didn’t want to be constantly printing off copies of a chart or using millions of stickers, so this is what I made:

        img_8593 img_8595

I made the table myself on Word, Printed and laminated it to make it reusable, I then found pictures of each activity and printed & laminated them, I stuck velcro onto the pictures and the chart, so my daughter can see a visual representation of both her morning and evening routine and once she has completed an activity she moves the little picture across to the ‘done’ column.

She really enjoys using her charts and they have really helped to make her more independent and helpful in things like tidying up and getting dressed.

I would really recommend these charts to anyone struggling with routines for their children, especially chaotic mornings and stressful bedtimes!

Hope they help!

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