Breastfeeding support for mums?

A close family member has just had her first baby and the issues she is facing with breastfeeding have led to my decision to add some breastfeeding posts to my Blog.  Even as someone who is a keen breastfeeding advocate, determined to breastfeed no matter what, I felt an extraordinary amount of pressure throughout my breastfeeding experience with my eldest daughter.  This pressure came from a number of sources and each with a different agenda, you can read more about my experience and thoughts about breastfeeding support HERE.


My breastfeeding experience.

I always wanted to breastfeed, I was really looking forward to it before having my first child and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it for some reason; that would have really upset me.  But breastfeeding is not always smooth sailing, in fact I think the majority of mums hit at least one bump along the way.  You can read more about my experience with breastfeeding HERE.


When will I stop breastfeeding?

Like many women, when I had my first baby I aimed to breastfeed her for at least 6 months, in the end we went much further than 6 months.  Now I am breastfeeding my second child and it still amazes me how everyone seems to have an opinion on a mothers’ breastfeeding and a lot of mums are very confused about when is the ‘correct’ time to stop.  You can read more about my experience and when I will stopped breastfeeding my eldest and will stop breastfeeding my youngest HERE.