I am a mummy of two amazing little girls, my eldest daughter is now attending nursery school (born October 2012) and my youngest is quickly moving out of the scrummy squidgy baby stage and becoming a fully fledged toddler (born May 2015).  I am married to my childhood sweetheart, a Malawian born, raised in England, man who (although he absolutely does my head in) I love very much (he might read this).  So our daughters are absolutely stunning, with a skin tone I envy greatly (I am more of a shade of grey than white) and amazing curly long hair.


I have a dual aspect YouTube channel:

Children’s videos; made specifically for children, teaching them everything a preschooler needs to know. All children love it when their toys ‘come to life’ so follow the adventures of my toddlers’ toys as they go to Pre-School and learn all about colours, numbers, phonics and more.

Videos for parents; sharing tips and advice I have picked up along the way and activities I do with my children.


I am mostly (I do have a part-time job but that’s boring) a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) and absolutely love it!  So please follow my blog to join me and my two daughters and the fun we have learning about the world and growing together.  There should be a little something for every parent here, if not then let me know!

If you would like to know anything more, or have any questions please contact me:


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