The weaning advent calendar

My youngest daughter has just turned 6months so I am starting the weaning (introducing solid food alongside milkfeeds) journey again and I am really excited.  This age is when your yummy squidgy baby’s personality really starts to shine through and I can’t wait to see my daughter’s reaction to the new world of food she is about to experience.  So, as her turning 6months falls at the end of November and corresponds with the countdown to christmas, I thought I would do a Weaning Advent Calendar.

Note: I am not feeding her chocolate everyday until christmas!


Day 1 – I do a mix of baby led weaning and purees, pouches and jars, so for her first tastes today I gave her some roasted sweet potato and butternut squash finger sized pieces and a Ella’s Kitchen pouch – ‘Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, apples and blueberries’.  I signed up on the Ella’s Kitchen website to receive a free weaning pack which you can see here:

Day 2 – Today she finished off yesterday’s Ella’s kitchen food pouch (given at lunchtime today) and also had some cooked carrot sticks.  See how it went down here:

Day 3 – Today she had a Hipp Organic food jar and some sliced avocado (given at lunchtime).  See how it went down here:

Day 4 – Today she had the rest of theHipp Organic food jar from yesterday and some sliced & peeled apple and grapes.  Here is a short video of what she thought:

Day 5 – Today we had a very busy day, doing lots of lovely festive things (see here), so we were out all day.  Although this obviously doesn’t have to stop weaning, she was asleep while we were eating lunch and then we had a takeaway for dinner, so I wasn’t too fussed over insisting she had something ‘proper’ to eat today.  She did however, have a little taste of my porridge in the morning which she seemed to quite like (made with whole cows milk), so today’s ‘door’ is porridge! 🙂

Day 6 – The toddler and I mostly ate alternative christmas cake today 😉 but for Baby, today’s new taste was mashed potato, which I sort of rolled up into balls for her to pick up from her highchair tray.  They did go down pretty well but…. then she was sick 😦 think it was due to her having a bit of a cold at the moment rather than the food but either way we called it a day after that.

Day 7 – After yesterday’s sick incident and because she is still bit snotty I decided to stick to fruit today so gave her slices of banana and a Hipp Organic fruit pouch.  Both went down really well but think her appetite is still not 100% due to illness.

Day 8 – Today we were out for lunch and I had some vegetable soup, Baby was eyeing it up while sitting on my lap, so I gave her some of the carrot cubes and she gobbled them up!  She is still getting used to using her tongue to move food to the back of her mouth rather than pushing it out (sucking motion required for drinking milk) so some kept popping out but overall it went down very well and I think the added taste from the soup on the carrots helped.


Day 9 – Today Baby’s first taste was wholemeal Pasta spirals, given at dinner time as that was what we were having and she really munched them up.  She is a bit lazy at picking them up and actually getting them in her mouth, but if you pop a little bit in her mouth she chomps it right down.  I think it is important to remember here that every child is different and while my eldest was the pinnacle Baby-Led weaning child and would spoon feed herself and grab anything put on her tray and chomp on it, this baby is a little more relaxed about the whole situation and luckily so am I!  She can take it at her own pace.IMG_0687

Day 10 – Today for lunch Baby had a taste of a Ella’s Kitchen pouch (Bananas, apricots and baby rice flavour) and she loved it!  Typically after I stopped filming (see below) she really started to get into it and munched it down.  So for dinner I gave her some omelette (well cooked) and avocado the same as we were having and then she had some more of the pouch!  Very successful day and we seem to be making some big developmental steps in terms of eating.

Day 11 – Today Baby had a little bit more of the Ella’s Kitchen pouch (Bananas, apricots and baby rice flavour) from yesterday which is definitely a firm favourite so far.  Then in the evening she had some of the roasted sweet potatoes we all had with our dinner.  I love the influence Baby-led weaning has had, because I have never been scared to give my girls the same food we are eating (within reason – no takeaway for them!).

Day 12 – The Toddler has been very poorly today, so things with weaning have taken a bit of a back seat, but she has had a new taste today – Cow&Gate Apple and Pear fruit pot.  Thought the vitamin C boost may help her to fight off the Toddler’s bug!IMG_0854

Day 13 – Today was a very busy day with us eating mostly party food at the Toddler’s friend’s birthday party!  So poor baby only had a little taste of food today in the form of a Hipp Organic jar of Apple and Blueberry.  Which made for a very colourful baby face! 🙂


Day 14 – Today we had a ‘Monday roast’ so baby got to taste a range of cooked veg and some small soft bits of chicken.  I had cooked the parsnips in honey so she did not have any of them (Honey is not advised until after the age of 1year), but she enjoyed munching some savoy cabbage, broccoli, roast potato and the chicken went down pretty well too.  A successful day for weaning.

Day 15 – Mornings and lunchtimes are a bit chaotic at the moment with the toddler so it was a dinner only tasting today for baby.  I made a courgette and sweetcorn risotto with the stock from the roast chicken we had last night.  I thought the baby would love it as I can remember this being a firm favourite with my eldest when she was weaning but her sister was not as keen.  Although she did try it all which at this early stage is the most important thing.

Day 16 – We had a ‘freezer food’ dinner today of pizza and chips so the baby had a Hipp Organic carrots, cauliflower and peas food pouch warmed up.  She didn’t eat a great deal but had a few spoonfuls so I was pretty pleased.


Day 17 – Today I gave the baby some mashed banana on lightly toasted best of both bread and she loved it!  Not everything went down but everything was well and truly sucked, chewed and tasted.

Day 18 – Today’s window is sweet potato, not a new taste but a ‘superfood’ and something the rest of the family enjoy.  Baby really enjoyed mushing up her roasted sweet potato wedges and even managed to eat a bit of it!

Day 19 – Not a great deal of veg on offer today so baby had a Hipp Organic apple and cranberry breakfast pot today and really enjoyed it.


Day 20 – Although I felt like baby was not as keen and quick on the whole baby-led weaning thing as her sister in the beginning, she is making definite developments and while not a great deal of food actually goes down the hatch, some is (as evidenced in the nappy department) and at this stage tasting, coordination and textures are the most important aspects.  Breastmilk (or formula) still provides all the nutrients she requires.  Today baby played (not going to lie it was more messy play than dinner) with some soft noodles.

Day 21 – Unlike other days today’s taste was at breakfast with the building material known as Weetabix! I swear that stuff is stronger than cement!  Warning, clean it up straight away, leave it until after the school run and you will be scrubbing for a long time.  I used warm whole cows milk on the weetabix and a few spoonfuls went down pretty well.

Day 22 – Today I decided to give the baby the exact same dinner as everyone else, this is what I will be doing everyday soon.  Past 1 year baby will be able to eat everything we do and as I always cook with minimal or no salt adults and children all have the same meal in my house.  Obviously it is still early days so the baby was just tasting today, rather than eating a whole portion but it went really well.  I can already see a development in her eating even after just these few days.


Day 23 – Baby enjoyed some pear slices at lunchtime today and some greek yoghurt with fruit puree for dessert at dinnertime (she was asleep during actual dinner!).

Day 24 – Unsurprisingly I have been really busy today!! But we had dinner at my parents house and my dad made a delicious fish pie.  Baby got a taste of haddock, cod, mashed potato and hardboiled egg.  A messy dinner! Thank goodness we were not at home and I could pass her to my mum to stick straight in the bath 😉

Day 25 – ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! So it was only fitting that baby had an Ella’s Kitchen Jingle belly Christmas Dinner 🙂




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